Video Of The Week: Radcliffe Takes on the Charles Challenge

This week's video comes to us fresh from the Charles 'Rivah,' posted last Friday as Radcliffe's preview for the weekend of racing in Boston. When all was said and done, the Black and White had edged the Canadian women's eight from the 2012 Olympic Games by just over one second to take seventh place overall in the women's championship eight. The 2012 Head Of The Charles was fraught with controversy this year in both the men's and women's champ eight events, which saw both 'Great Eights' fall to domestic crews. In the heavily stacked women's event, USRowing's 2012 Olympic medalist combination edged the Cambridge Boat Club women's 'Great Eight' on a penalty, while the men's champ eight event saw a collision between race leaders Washington and another USRowing crew (with three onboard from the 2012 boat) nearly result in a second-straight victory for Harvard. However, after a thorough review, the penalty that had been assessed to UW was reversed, and the Huskies were awarded the title, having posted the fastest time of the day.

For more on the weekend and the controversy surrounding several of the results at the Charles, check out today's Rowing Magazine eNewsletter, and for complete results, see the official website of the Head Of The Charles Regatta. Our own HOCR recap and review is on the way, to be posted later this week – time to take a look at how our picks and predictions played out!

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