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The 2015 RoRy Awards, Part Three: Celebrating the Best in Rowing at the Elite Level

The 2015 RoRys, Elite Edition (Photo thanks to David Watts) Are you ready to celebrate the best of the best, bar none, in rowing? Don't answer that, because we're going to do it anyway. Too. Much. Excitement. This being a pre-Olympic year, there was even more at stake at the World Rowing Championships, with qualification making every semifinal and final a tense affair. As usual, the best of the best rose to the occasion. Let's talk about it.

The 2015 RoRy Awards, Part Two: Celebrating the Best in College Rowing

Rowing fans, it's time for Part Two of the 2015 RoRy Awards, celebrating the best athletes, coaches, and performances in intercollegiate rowing this year. And, there was no shortage of material for the RoRy Voting Committee to consider, not least of which were two unprecedented performances at IRAs and NCAAs last spring.

The 2015 RoRy Awards, Part One: Celebrating the Best in Rowing at the Junior Level

You may have heard of the ESPY Awards, ESPN's annual awards series. Well, they are only slightly less prestigious and highly coveted than the RoRys, our annual awards here at RowingRelated.

Video Of The Week: Who Are Your Top 5 Rowers of All Time?

Karsten competing at the 2010 world championships in New Zealand (Photo: © Kevin Light) This week's video comes to us via the official YouTube Channel of the Olympics, which recently spent a week honoring the best athletes and performances on the Olympic stage.

#FBF: In Case You Missed It, The French Lightweights Killed It At Worlds

While most of the headlines have gone to the teams atop the medal table, the French lightweights are certainly deserving of recognition, medaling in every event that they entered, including gold for top crew Jérémie Azou and Stany Delayre in the lightweight men's double. They earned a second gold medal in the lightweight quad, silvers in the LM2- and LM8+, and a fifth medal (a bronze) in the stacked lightweight men's four field.

Worlds Wednesday Edition Video Of The Week: International Men of Mystery

Epic screen capture from Henry Fieldman's new video This week's video comes to us thanks to Henry Fieldman, coxswain of the British men's coxed pair, and details the harrowing journey that the crew endured along the way to the World Rowing Championships this year. Let's just say, it was touch and go for a while there.