Worlds Wednesday Edition Video Of The Week: International Men of Mystery

Epic screen capture from Henry Fieldman's new video

This week's video comes to us thanks to Henry Fieldman, coxswain of the British men's coxed pair, and details the harrowing journey that the crew endured along the way to the World Rowing Championships this year. Let's just say, it was touch and go for a while there.

There's much to like about this video, but the elements that stand out the most are perhaps the perfect timing (natural for a rowing crew) and impressive height (rowers with hops?) of their heel-clicking jump, as well as the fact that, according to our sources, this is the first-ever rowing video to include a reference to the Tinder app. "Any swipe can change your life," indeed.

Getting into the nitty gritty of worlds, we're roughly halfway through the competition and already there have been some surprises. While Fielman & Co. have already punched their ticket for the final with the fastest time in their event, for the U.S. men's eight, the road to Rio is starting to look a lot like the road to London after a very close semifinal that saw them come third behind the Netherlands (top priority boat loaded with talent, including double Olympian and Cal alum Olivier Siegelaar) and the Kiwis (the double U23 world champs have shown they are more than ready to take on the senior level). Meanwhile, the addition of Josh Dunkley-Smith to the Aussie men's four appears to be paying dividends already, with a cracker of a semifinal with the U.S. men's four coming up tomorrow—looking at heat times (yeah, we know, whatever) the Aussies, Dutch, and Italians certainly look .

In the women's single, Gevvie Stone, Mirka Knapkova, Sanita Puspure, Magdalena Lobnig, and Jingli Duan all ended up in the same A/B semifinal—that will be another one to watch, as Stone looks to put the capper on what has been arguably her best season yet, in a super-talented field.

Somewhat surprisingly, both the New Zealand and Denmark lightweight men's doubles have ended up in the C/D semis—unfamiliar territory for the likes of Peter Taylor and Henrik Stephansen. Meanwhile, another semifinal to watch will be second A/B semi of the LM2x, featuring both the defending world champions (South Africa) and the runners up (France) from last year.

So much to look forward to! And, in the meantime, you can keep up with the Aussie experience of the World Rowing Championships via our Instagram account, as David Watts of the Australian men's quad has the keys throughout the week!

Click here for full start lists and results from the 2015 World Rowing Championships.


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