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Featured Video: Michigan Men's Rowing Head Coach Gregg Hartsuff's Favorite Training Clip

Michigan on the water in Ann Arbor (Photo via Michigan Men's Rowing/Facebook ) This week's featured rowing video comes to us thanks to Michigan Men's Rowing head coach Gregg Hartsuff . A roughly 5-minute training clip of the Dutch men's eight that won gold in Atlanta, this video gives a window into several key technical aspects of rowing that Hartsuff tries to instill into every rower at Michigan. (Without a doubt, all the Michigan rowers and alums who read RR will be familiar with this one!) From Hartsuff:  The 1996 Netherlands men's eight training—I think we have gone over this before, as this is clip is required viewership for athletes I coach. It highlights all the important points of rowing technique I emphasize: steady and connected acceleration on the drive initiated by the legs and the body holding its angle until the legs are nearly down, and strong core-pry off the end of the leg push without a crazy amount of layback. "'Undetecte

Featured Video: Olympic Champion Esther Lofgren's Takeaways from the 2004 Women's Pair Final

Our featured video this week comes to us thanks to U.S. Olympian Esther Lofgren , 2012 gold medalist in the women's eight. Here, Lofgren shares some of her thoughts on an Olympic final from Athens, which included some of our sport's most important and influential names. From Lofgren: You’ve posted a lot of the videos I watched while training and that I encourage my athletes to watch. One I think does not get enough love is the 2004 W2- Olympic final featuring the Romanian greats Georgeta Andrunache [formerly Damian] and Viorica Susanu . Susanu is the last rower I recall who reaches around her knees in sweep. The catches, connection, and rhythm are beautiful, and the rowing (at 37+, in an Olympic final, etc., etc.) looks effortlessly efficient. The race for medals behind them is also great to watch— Kath[erine] Grainger sweeping (!) and Cath[erine] Bishop leading their pair in a fantastic sprint for silver, sprinting through Yuliya Bichyk and Natallia Helakh of Bela

It's Been a Minute: New Stuff Soon

Walking it in with the Bears (Photo: B. Kitch) Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, that's how we feel, at least. TL;DR: We've got a bunch of new stuff on the way for you. Hopefully you've been enjoying the social media we've been keeping up over the past few months (by the way, how did this video of an erg relay blow up so much?)—it's not quite the same as keeping things up to date here, but it's good to stay connected. Now, however, it's time to kick the tires and light the fires once again. New things on the horizon... This moment of #rowingzen from a morning on the water with @calwrowing 🔊 #rowing #rowingrelated #dawn A post shared by rowingrelated (@rowingrelated) on Feb 13, 2018 at 10:20pm PST Here's the plan: Over the next three weeks, we'll be rolling out a three-part post on the Top 30 Greatest Rowing Coaches of All Time . As in the past, it'll contain opinions, but it'll also contain facts. Interes