It's Been a Minute: New Stuff Soon

Walking it in with the Bears (Photo: B. Kitch)

Absence makes the heart grow fonder. Well, that's how we feel, at least. TL;DR: We've got a bunch of new stuff on the way for you.

Hopefully you've been enjoying the social media we've been keeping up over the past few months (by the way, how did this video of an erg relay blow up so much?)—it's not quite the same as keeping things up to date here, but it's good to stay connected. Now, however, it's time to kick the tires and light the fires once again.

Here's the plan: Over the next three weeks, we'll be rolling out a three-part post on the Top 30 Greatest Rowing Coaches of All Time. As in the past, it'll contain opinions, but it'll also contain facts. Interesting ones.

Our picks for the Nos. 21-30 best rowing coaches of all time coming up next week.

We also want to shake things up a bit here. And that means if you've got something on your mind, and you're willing to write something thought-provoking about it, we're all ears. You can email us your takes (not so much hot takes as measured, insightful pieces) via the 'About' page.

That also means we're going to be looking for video submissions for a revamped 'Video Of The Week' column—to get things started, we asked a few notable rowers and coaches to share their own favorites (we'll kick off with Olympic Champion Esther Lofgren's pick next week).

In the meantime, you'll notice further changes and tweaks to the site over the coming days and weeks as we continue to restructure and add functionality to ensure that RR is accessible—and (really, really, ridiculously) good looking—on any device.

Meet back here next week.


-The RR Team

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