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RR Interview: The inspiration behind ‘The Rowing Podcast’, and the future of Olympic Sport in the US, with Matt Rung

Rung coaching with Washington at the IRA National Championships IRA champion with Cornell Lightweights, and former First Assistant Coach and Recruiting Coordinator at Washington, Matt Rung has an impressive track record in rowing. But it wasn’t until recently that he decided to add podcasting to his resume. Earlier this year, Rung started The Rowing Podcast , which offers in-depth, personal conversations with rowing luminaries ( Mike Spracklen , Jan Harville , Steve Gladstone , Dave O’Neill , to name a few). It’s both a salve for those in need of positive vibes, as well as a much needed call to action for the rowing community as a whole to tell our stories, and bring new people into the fold. Matt and I caught up about the origins and development of the podcast, and how to develop a new narrative for the sport. Bryan Kitch: What were some of the reasons for starting the new podcast, and why did you decide to take up the aegis? Was it both a response to the Covid lockdown, and a coping