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Thank you, Ed

Like many of you in the rowing community, particularly here in the US and Canada, I was shocked to hear of the passing of Ed Winchester, Canadian Olympian and longtime Editor-in-Chief of Rowing News . I had the great pleasure of working directly with Ed for years as a writer for the magazine, and I'm not sure how I can properly express my gratitude, other than to say that when I was a nobody, he treated me like I was a somebody. One of the many features we worked on together The last time I saw Ed in person, it was in Boston, and he had just won the Head Of The Charles. His contributions to the sport, particularly for those of us who write about it, were nothing short of extraordinary. That he is no longer here doesn't seem possible. My heart goes out to the Winchesters, and to the whole Rowing News family. It is with a tremendous amount of grief and sadness that we announce the passing of our Editor-in-Chief and friend Ed Winchester. We are shocked and devastated b