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RowingRelated and Potomac Boat Club Present: The American Club Rowing Experience, a Series

The American Club Rowing Experience (Photo: Lauren Schumer) The following is the first in a new series on the experience of post-collegiate club rowing in the United States, one of the more under-appreciated—and yet perhaps the most historically significant—forms of American rowing. The series will examine a number of different factors, from balancing 'real life' with a rowing career, to building intra-club and inter-club culture, to preparing for international competition—that is, Henley Royal Regatta . Below is the first installment, thanks to Peter Clements of Potomac Boat Club in Washington, D.C. Welcome to the Club: A Modern Club Rower's Manifesto Erging became cool at some point between June 2nd, 2015 and March 2nd, 2016. Between Colin McCabe’s 5:39.4 making it to YouTube , and the creation of the (ironic..... or is it?) Fat Ergos Instagram . That has had an effect on masters rowing as well. For example: Maybe you were rowing at a nominally "

The 30 Best Rowing Coaches of All Time, Part 3: The Top 10

The top 10 best rowing coaches, including guess who (Photo © Iain Weir / Rowing Photography ) It's time for the third and final part of our 3-part series on the best of the best in the rowing coaching ranks. These coaches not only command respect based on performance, but have also shown the ability to adapt to new circumstances, build dynasties, and ultimately help shape the trajectory of rowing as a sport. Honestly, it would be easy to extend this series into 10 more posts... But we wouldn't do that to you. As we've said before, the hope is that the following may serve to educate and spark discussion, as both an appreciation of history and of the coaching craft. Also note: As we stated in Part 1 and Part 2 of this series, there are few women in this list, but that is a reflection of a general underrepresentation of women in the head coaching ranks in our sport—and indeed (as has been well documented ) a growing number of NCAA sports in the United States.