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Erg Love Not Fear: 10 Rowing Machine Benefits For All

Not only is it time to stop ' fearing the erg ,' it's well past the point where we should recognize that the rowing machine is probably the best thing to ever happen to the sport.  The rowing machine goes back a long way. There have been various (and some very strange) iterations over the years, but the main benefit of the rowing machine has always remained the same: bringing the full-body training experience from the water on land.  These days, with immersive experiences available through streamable workouts and flat screens (or even tablets and smartphones), the distance between land training and training on the water has shrunk apace. It's never going to be a 1:1 feeling from the dock to the boat, and rowers (typically with not great ergs) are apt to point out that 'ergs don't float.' But again, that doesn't decrease the value to the individual, nor to the sport.  Section 1: Understanding the Basics For the uninitiated in the audience, there are some