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No One Is Trying To Ruin Rio For You, Because It’s Not About You

Cristo Redentor looks down from Corcovado, Rio de Janeiro Recently, U.S. Olympian Megan Kalmoe ( whose work has been featured here on RR ) wrote a post to her blog entitled, ‘Stop Trying To Ruin The Olympics For Us’ , which has since been published by The Guardian in the U.K. In her own way, Kalmoe is lamenting the fact that the media has focused on the many issues facing the Rio Games, going so far as to base their questions to the athletes more on ecological concerns than training and preparation for the Olympics. We all have opinions about the Games—it’s a world event. But here’s why I take issue with Kalmoe’s portrayal of the media’s intentions.

World Rowing Issues Statements on WADA's McLaren Report [UPDATES]

Last week, we published this story on the potential issue of doping in rowing . Rather amazingly, since then, we've seen Italian 2012 Olympian Niccolo Mornati receive a four-year ban on doping charges, and now the below, from FISA earlier today .

Let's Talk About Doping In Rowing

And we mean that in two ways. First, we mean let's stop pretending that doping couldn't possibly be going on in rowing because (by and large) it's an amateur sport. And second, we mean that given recent alarming findings by the IAAF , we need to start having open conversations about it.

Video Of The Week: Henley Royal Regatta Reprise, Plus an Interview with Filmmaker Adam Heayberd

Views from the launch (Screen capture) This week's video offers a skillfully shot and beautifully edited look back at Henley Royal Regatta, plus a quick interview with the filmmaker, Molesey Boat Club's Adam Heayberd.

Rowers: Please Stop Talking About How Painful Rowing Is

Painfully played-out: Why are we constantly harping on the negative? It seems like every few months, there is a new article or video published about how difficult rowing is. We're treated to another round of metaphors about abysses of pain, and needles being driven into legs, etc., etc., and for what? This isn't the first time we've discussed the topic here on RR, and it likely won’t be the last. And that's because 'rowing is pain' stories are not good for the sport. Here's why. 1. It's counterproductive Talking about how what you're doing is very hard in no way helps you achieve your goal, and in fact limits your ability to succeed. Acknowledging the realities of a situation is different from focusing on its difficulty. Focusing on the negative only serves to distract you from what’s important, rather than help you or those around you excel. This much seems self-evident. 2. It's self-indulgent Part of the reason that the rowing commun

Video Of The Week: Finals Day at Henley Royal Regatta, 2016 [UPDATES]

An epic week in Henley-on-Thames (Photo: RR Staff) This year's Henley Royal Regatta was not short on excitement, crashes, upsets, and even controversy. The one thing that's indisputable, in our opinion, is that it boasted the best coverage of any regatta in the world to date, including the Olympic Games.