Video Highlights from the Zurich City Sprints, via World Rowing

The Zurich City Sprints, which featured 450m races across all boat classes, were a success despite the weather, and another example of FISA's continuing efforts to bring rowing to a wider community. Innovative rowing races in Europe (last year's Golden Blades in St. Petersburg, the Red Bull XRow, and others) and the U.S. (the OG&E NightSprints is a good example) are helping to make the sport more accessible, and the event in Zurich was certainly no exception.

The 2012 Red Bull XRow (watch last year's event here) is coming up this weekend, and will feature a crew from California Rowing Club that includes multiple athletes with national team experience, stroked by Grand Challenge Cup winner Brandon Shald, with two-time Olympian Olivier Siegelaar in the seven seat. Also making the trip are recent Harvard alum and former team captain Michael DiSanto, and Alan Kush of Virginia's 2011 ACRA champion varsity eight. Good luck to CRC in what looks to be one of the most challenging rowing/racing events out there!

For a gallery of photos of the CRC XRow crew training in Oakland, just follow the link.


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