Aussie Rowing Banter: Drew Ginn interviews James Chapman and Will Lockwood

Three new videos via Drew Ginn – The Australian men's four, shown training in the video above (yet another beautiful example of Australian rowing technique), took silver in London in one of the most highly anticipated and dramatic finals of the Olympic Regatta – a drama heightened by their performance on the World Cup circuit. If they were nervous, however, it sure didn't show. Given the interviews below, Aussie phenom Drew Ginn might just have a bright future as a sports journo, to back up one of the most impressive rowing resumes in the world. Here, we get a (humorous) inside look at just what it takes to race at the elite level, following the final at the second World Rowing Cup in Lucerne/Luzern, Switzerland.

I'm not sure whether James Chapman is a medical man, but he certainly seems to be well aware of the 'Latin' terminology for post-race fatigue. His boat mate, Will Lockwood, also throws around some decent banter, and proves that, even at the elite level, rowers can only dream that others will de-rig and load the trailer for them...

Recently, Chapman took a trip to Boston and competed in the 48th Head Of The Charles Regatta, taking 20th overall in the men's championship single.

Coming this week: RR Interviews 2012 U.S. Olympian and Princeton grad Gevvie Stone of Cambridge Boat Club, following her third-straight title at the Head Of The Charles.

Happy Halloween everyone!


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