Video Of The Week: Kiwis at it again, plus results from Philly and Princeton

As we start to think about winter, it's time to enjoy the last few weeks of on-the-water training – while plenty of water is currently headed toward the Eastern Seaboard, as 'Frankenstorm' Sandy arrives (stay safe over there everyone!), the indoor season is nearly upon us. So, here's another great look solid sculling from Rowing New Zealand, once again matched with a bass-heavy, dubstep mix. Plain and simple, this is a bad ass training video. Watch the bodies and legs move together, the hands flow around the turn, and the run of the boat, undisturbed by the recovery as the athletes slide forward to the catch, particularly in the stern pair. And, let it be a reminder for all those about to head indoors – appreciate your time on the water, and be ready to take lessons learned outdoors to your indoor training this winter, further ingraining the right progression into your muscle memory so that you can make a smooth transition back to the water next spring.

The Head of the Schuylkill and the Princeton Chase are in the books, with more strong results for the Virginia women coming on Lake Carnegie. The Cavaliers won a commanding victory in the varsity eight event, some 17 seconds ahead of the Tigers on Princeton's home course, and added a victory in the novice eight as well. The Princeton men, however, defended home turf against an excellent Northeastern crew, who took second place just two seconds behind the Tigers and ahead of California – the third-place finisher in Boston. Please follow the links for complete results from the 2012 Head of the Schuylkill and Princeton Chase.

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