RR Turns Two: Some highlights from the first two years of RowingRelated

Two years ago today, RowingRelated began with a Statement of Purpose. Since that time, we've tried to adhere to those guiding principles and provide the most accurate coverage and informed opinion pieces we can, in an effort to create a resource for rowers and help move our sport forward – and quite a journey it has been. The above video includes clips from interviews, races, travel and other boathouse banter accumulated over that time, and we're looking forward to much, much more.

Thanks to everyone who has helped us along the way – and a special thanks to the RR Editorial Staff and the RR International Research Department for all your hard work. Special thanks also goes to everyone at Rowing Magazine for the fantastic opportunity to work together and continue push coverage of the sport to the next level.

Whether you're submitting research, written work, or simply reading and enjoying what we're doing, you're helping us to grow, and it is greatly appreciated by everyone here at RowingRelated.

Thanks again,


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