Get Amped x2: We Made You a Winter Training Erg(o) Mixtape

Remember when cassette tapes weren't just iPhone cases?

After how much you said you liked year's fall rowing erg(o) mixtape, well, we felt like maybe we should make it a tradition—not that we're getting too serious or anything. It's on the electronic side, but it's also got a little dose of hip hop, and a mix of rhythm and bass that ought to get you through a long session of intervals, a 30-minute test, or just your everyday 10k (the playlist clocks in at approximately 45 mins). And, like we said last year, while we can discuss the problems and benefits of having music during training (having trained with coaches on both sides of that fence), we hope you enjoy it, and use it (or not) as you see fit.



  1. First of all, let's establish the fact that Bryan Kitch, the king of UCLA rowing may have limited legitimacy when it comes critiquing erging mixtapes. But i digress, lets just make it clear that the winter erg mixtapes are clearly not a great indication of spring erg mixtapes. Some mixtapes in the winter tend to take other sorts of songs into account as building a foundation for spring mixtapes (e.g. the top 40). So before we get on the EDM train too quickly lets reflect upon its absence from previous mixtapes the past three years. All admirable tunes, but i hope you are willing to put some money on your mixtape so i can become a rich man. As always, remember to crank the volume.

    The BOZ

    p.s. most of the mixtapes aren't chillers

  2. What cassette tape is 45min? Is this side one of a 90 minute or just a 60 minute tape that I'm supposed to get up and flip somewhere around song 9? Please create more verisimilitude for the reader.


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