A Rower's Holiday Gift Guide, with Jack Carlson of 'Rowing Blazers'

Carlson at ease (Photo courtesy of Jack Carlson)

The holidays are right around the corner, and rather than take our word for it, we thought it would be best to ask rowing's most stylish author and coxswain about gifts for the rowers we love. From on-the-water kit, to how to look like a million bucks in the boathouse, here are a few of Jack Carlson's favorites this holiday season.

From Jack:

Oakley Razor Blades. For on-the-water retro chic.

New Wave port and starboard socks. For fashion (and confused coxswains).

The official Rowing Blazers tie
Rowing Blazers tie. (Shameless.)

Rock the Boat tuxedo shirt. For when the blazer comes off.

Pieces of Eight cover detail

Pieces of Eight by Chris Dodd. For those who enjoyed The Boys in the Boat.

Vanity Fair rowers prints. For the living room, or study (1).

The Warwick girls are all in

University of Warwick Boat Club Women's Calendar 2015. For the living room, or study (2).

A trip to the Rowing Hotel, Lithuania. For the rower who has everything.
https://www.facebook.com/pages/Rowing-Hotel/1494322457500871 -JC

For more from Jack, check out his book, Rowing Blazers, released last summer at the 175th Henley Royal Regatta, and which deserves a place on this list as well—a great way to better understand the history of the sport and the widespread influence of rowing on the fashion world. And, coming soon to RR, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the book, with an interview and outtakes from production.

Also coming soon: The RR 2015 Rowing Calendar, with original artwork by Bryan Kitch. Stay tuned.


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