The RowingRelated 2015 Calendar is Here!

Newell Boathouse, from the 2015 RR Calendar (Illustration: B. Kitch)
There's a new RowingRelated Calendar hot off the presses for 2015, featuring artwork by RR editor Bryan Kitch. There are a few key rowing dates thrown in, as well as U.S., U.K., Canadian, French, and German holidays to suit the worldwide rowing community. It's not going to break the bank (or even the student budget) at $15, and it can be shipped internationally. So, here's your chance to support the RowingRelated cause, and get some (practical) artwork in return! Take a look at the preview below (for mobile users, click here to view the item on, and keep an eye on our social media outlets for more peeks into the calendar over the coming days.

In our extremely biased opinion, it's the ideal gift for rowers of all ages. You can buy it now here.



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