Rio 2014? British, Canadian Rowing Squads Get Acquainted Early with Ipanema [Photos]

Cristo Redentor, Rio (Illustration: B. Kitch)
While there may still be just under two years until the Games begin in Rio, the Canadian and British rowing teams have made the trip already to explore the venue (and, most importantly, take some pretty kick-ass photos of one of the world's most beautiful cities). While they've not been out on the water, even the land training has come with some amazing views. And, what better way to visualize yourself on the start line than to actually go see it, before the main event?

Though they've not plied the waters in boats, they have done a little investigating...

It takes a lot to impress Will Crothers and Kai Langerfeld, apparently.

And, Nathaniel Reilly O'Donnell managed to bring the drone, with some pretty epic results—check them out on his Instagram here. But don't worry, the guys and gals back at the training center in Caversham aren't jealous or anything.


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