First Looks at the Men's and Women's Scullers Great Eights in Boston

This very short clip (thanks to Sean Wolf), and the tweets below, are among the emerging evidence that the scullers Great Eights are on the scene in Boston, and already prepping for the main event on Sunday. The difference for these crews is that, of course, they'll be racing in various lineups on Saturday as well. Advantage sweepers? Maybe—picks and predictions for the weekend coming up shortly here on RR. In the meantime, here's a refresher on all the Great Eight lineups.

The women's Great Eight, here photobombed by CB Sands-Bohrer, went out for a paddle earlier today, as did their male counterparts shown in the video above. (Here's another shot of the crew via Concept2, this time sans-photobomb.)

This year's gold and silver medalists in the men's single, on the same side in the men's scullers Great Eight:

They're still getting used to the whole 'one big oar' thing.

For the those keeping tabs on Twitter, follow the hashtag #GR88s, which is on it's way to becoming a thing (surely, rowers, we can get this trending by the end of the weekend?):

The lightweights are also in on the action:

And where's the first place that lightweights go when they don't have to weigh in? That's right, the diner.

Meanwhile, across the pond, the British Rowing Championships are set to kick off this weekend as well.

More updates to come—keep it locked!


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