Video(s) Of The Week: 6 Australian Junior Rowing Videos That Are Seriously Badass

This week's featured video playlist pulls together six different Aussie college (high school) rowing films, each of which is strikingly well made—and all of which get you ready for racing. From on-the-water training shots, to land workouts, to race footage, this playlist offers insight into all aspects of the sport, as well as (hopefully) inspiration to all those rowing filmmakers in the U.S. gearing up for a long winter and spring season of training and competition. The schools included in this playlist are Sydney Church of England Grammar School (Shore), from North Sydney, New South Wales; Scotch College (Perth, Western Australia); Brisbane Boys' College (Toowong, Queensland); Melbourne Grammar School (Victoria); The King's School, from North Parramatta (suburbs of Sydney), New South Wales, Australia; and St. Joseph's Nudgee College (Boondall, suburb of Brisbane, Queensland).

And speaking of Australia, this coming weekend marks the renewal of a traditional rivalry Down Under—the Australian Boat Race, pitting men and women from the Universities of Sydney and Melbourne against one another, is set to take place in Sydney, from Woolwich to Darling Harbor (a 4.4km course). The crews include a number of Australian national squad veterans, including Fergus Pragnell (Sydney) and Olympic champion David Crawshay (Melbourne). (Here's a quick look at SUBC training from last week.)

You can keep up to date with the Aussie Boat Race via the event's Facebook page and Twitter feed, and, in the meantime, it's worth a look back at Pragnell's epic (hilarious) Boat Race Challenge, issued prior to the main event in 2012.


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