First Photos of the Sweepers Great Eight on the Charles, Thanks to Sean Wolf

The men's sweep Great Eight training on the Charles (Photo: Sean Wolf)
With the 50th Head Of The Charles Regatta looming ever larger on the horizon, the athletes and coaches have already begun to show up and start preparing for the main event. Earlier today, resident Charles' expert Sean Wolf of Rowing Illustrated captured several photos of the men's sweepers Great Eight—a crew that we highlighted in our Champ Eight piece recently, and which consists of Joshua Dunkley-Smith (AUS), Olivier Siegelaar (NED), Hamish Bond (NZL), Richard Schmidt (GER), Conlin McCabe (CAN), Henrik Rummel (USA), Francesco Fossi (ITA), and Jacob Barsoe (DEN), with Jack Carlson (USA) at coxswain. Looking at the photo, it appears that the above lineup has stuck, for now at least. Let the pre-race banter continue!

Before too long, there will be a whole batch of these on the line:

And, in case you're not excited enough yet about this year's rowing 'fall classic,' the HOCR just launched a new film about the history of the race, including input from a number of familiar faces.

Just six days left to go!


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