Eyes on the Prize: The 2012 Rowperfect Blogger of the Year Awards

Earlier today, Rowperfect UK announced their awards for Rowing Blogger of the Year across a series of categories, and it's my great pleasure to announce that RowingRelated was named the best 'General news' blog of 2012 in a truly outstanding field, which included the institution that is row2k, (my friend, former teammate, and RR interviewee) Iain Weir's Rowing Journal, and the official blog of British Rowing. Thanks very much to Rebecca Caroe and Rowperfect for bestowing such an honor!

Also recognized were Göran Buckhorn's Hear The Boat Sing, which was selected as the top Rowing History blog, and Rory Copus' The Coxswain's Perspective, in the 'Coxing blog' category. The top 'Athlete blog' was Girl on the River by Patricia Carswell, while the top 'Coaching blog' went to Chelsea Dommert's Coaching the Cox, and Caroline's Rowing Blog took top honors among 'Ergo blogs.'

RowingRelated is a collaboration, and what better time than now to acknowledge and thank Justin Price, the RR Editorial Staff and the RR International Research Department? Without your hard work and dedication RR would not be what it is today, and I look forward to working more with you all in the coming months—and years!

Thanks again to Becky and everyone at Rowperfect, and a big thank you to all our RReaders—whether you've submitted a video, commented on a post, or just enjoyed the website, you've made a huge difference and we couldn't be more grateful!

As I wrote in the first-ever post on RR, "When I finished my final erg test as a senior and put the handle down, I thought I had finished a long journey. Now, as I move further and further away from the intercollegiate experience, I feel more and more like I am still at the outset of a much longer Odyssey." So far, it has certainly proven just that. And frankly, we're psyched about it.

-Bryan and the RR Team

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