In Memoriam: Beijing Silver Medalist Acer Nethercott

We were deeply saddened to hear that Beijing silver medalist and two-time Boat Race champion coxswain, Acer Nethercott, has passed away at the age of 35. Nethercott had an extraordinarily successful career in rowing. The above video shows the final strokes of the 2003 Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race (Nethercott's first win in the main event), which was arguably the greatest Boat Race in history. The verdict after 4 and 1/2 miles? Oxford, by one foot. At the 2008 Olympic Games, Nethercott guided the GB men's eight to a close second place finish behind Canada, edging the United States into third place.

Acer is Latin for sharp, keen, sagacious. In the words of GB Olympic gold medalist Garry Herbert, "[It was a] privilege to have known him, he lived up to the meaning of his name in every way." The former Molesey Boat Club cox will be dearly missed, but his life and accomplishments will not be forgotten.

Read more about Acer's outstanding rowing career on Hear The Boat Sing, BBC Sport, the official website of British Rowing, and The Telegraph (UK).


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