RR Video Contest: Top five countdown begins today with Capital City Rowing

Thanks to all those who participated in our first-ever RR video contest and helped to make it a success! Today we begin our countdown to our top pick for the best rowing recruiting video, and winner of our December contest, with our pick for No. 5 overall. The above video comes to us courtesy of Wyatt Harrell of Capital City Rowing, and does well to showcase the sport, the team and the environs in Tallahassee. Great work Wyatt and congrats on being named to the top five!

Tomorrow we will announce the No. 4 overall video from our contest, with the second half of Joe Abrams's 'Game of Inches: Masters Nationals 2012' to be posted on Friday. Our No. 3 and No. 2 videos are coming up this weekend, with the winner to be announced and featured as our VOTW on Monday, 7 January, 2013.


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