Video Of The Week and RRecruiting Video Contest Winner: Jacksonville University Rowing

And the winner is...Jacksonville University Rowing! The above video is a fantastic introduction not only to the sport, but also to the facilities and the philosophy of the JU program as a whole, touching on those aspects of rowing that can help to shape your character, and, indeed, the rest of your life. Not only does it talk training and the team, but also it addresses the academic environment for student-athletes while attending Jacksonville University. The video does this by means of interviews with both student-athletes and coaches, giving the viewer a window into all levels of the program, and is also one of few submitted for our contest to show both indoor rowing and training on the water. The primary narrator, Brad Negaard, is a benefactor of the program, a former JU coach, and son of Robert Negaard (inventor of the wing-rigger)—the current JU boathouse bears his family name. Clearly, a great deal of thought went into the production of this film, which is both informative and engaging, for all the right reasons.

Congratulations to Greg VanOekel and the whole JU program! Be sure to email us for information about your prize!

Thanks to all who got involved in our RRecruiting Video Contest this year! Fantastic work and we at the RR world HQ are very grateful to the rowing community for continuing to impress with hard work & ingenuity.


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