Updates and Notes from RR HQ

January 2013 issue & Photo Annual 
While January has been marked by furious activity on RR building up to the announcement of our first contest winner, I'm also fully immersed in putting together the next series of articles for Rowing Magazine, which is (rather impressively) entering its 20th year in print. Still, in the midst of all this, I wanted to take a minute to climb up on my soap box one more time and say how pleased we were with the success of the RRecruiting Video Contest (view the top five videos here)—its maiden voyage couldn't have gone better, and we were, frankly, quite impressed with the quality of work we received.

So, there you have it. We hope you all enjoyed the contest as well—we are already brainstorming for the next go round—and we are looking forward to another great season of racing, now nearly upon us! In the meantime, I trust those of you out there who are Rowing Magazine subscribers are getting a kick out of the beautiful 2012 Photo Annual—just the thing to get the new year started right.


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