Video of the Week: Heavy Lifting at the Princeton Boathouse Triathlon

This VOTW provides an Ivy League take on cross-training, and shows the traditionally intense 'boathouse triathlon,' including the 'clydesdale' competition for athletes who decide they want to run stadiums carrying extra weight (a new record this year from Jason Kopelman, who carried 97 lbs throughout the run–also not to be overlooked is senior Iain Silveira, who carried 85 lbs throughout; the old record was 60 lbs). On a related note, Silveira has been training with Olympic Champ (and newly appointed Temple women's head coach) Jason Read in the pair, and the two may be gearing up for an appearance on the NSR circuit later this spring. Clearly, the Tiger men and women are putting in the work for a successful spring season–a familiar trajectory, as Lori Dauphiny's squad posted an undefeated season and NCAA title in the varsity eight last year.

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