Sneak Peek: The February 2012 Issue of Rowing News Goes to Press!

The first issue of Volume 19 of Rowing News is on its way, and we're getting 2012 started right with a ton of content, including interviews with Mike Teti (discussing the progress at the men's eight camp at CRC), Meghan O'Leary (UVa multisport varsity athlete, who began rowing in 2010 and is now training at the Olympic selection camp), Tom Paradiso (Beijing Olympian and four-time world medalist) on coaching the start sequence, Canadian Olympian Jason Dorland on his new book, Chariots and Horses, and Eric Murray of Rowing New Zealand (see video above) along with Peter Dreissigacker and Meredith Haff of Concept2 regarding Eric's recent 60-minute world record on the new C2 Dynamic erg(o). Combine all this with a new 'Crossing the Line' column with Josh Crosby, and features about the history of rowing technology, and a fantastic piece with Malta Boat Club's Fred Duling by writer Jen Whiting, and you've got a great start to an Olympic year.

Thanks to @JLRowing and @Concept2 for sending the video along via Twitter!


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