Video of the Week: Training Camp(s) with The Dutch Women's Team

First, Happy New Year to all our readers! We here at RR hope that everyone enjoyed the holidays as much as we did! Now, however, it's time to get back to business. So, to kick off 2012, we've got a double-feature VOTW, which comes to us from The Netherlands women's national team. Here, the Dutch women have put some footage of very high quality rowing together with tunes and shots from around the camp environs (the above video comes from a training camp in Mantova–or Mantua, Italy–and the below video from Mulhouse in France). From the look of it, they seem to have well in mind the idea that relaxing while off the water can be as important as focusing on the water, in terms of building speed across a season of training. The rowing technique shown here is long and relaxed, in keeping with tradition.

The weather is featured in these training videos is also something to keep you going through the cold winter months–and perhaps further inspiration to hold a training camp in a warmer locale! Check out more of the Dutch women's eight's videos on their YouTube Channel: Kanaal van Vrouwenacht.

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