Film for the Weekend – Great Race in Paradise: Aussies v. Kiwis

This is an absolute cracker of a race, between two very talented crews from Australia and New Zealand, contending for the Trans Tasman Cup. The Kiwi eight is stroked by now triple world champion Hamish Bond, and features Nathan Twaddle and Mahé Drysdale in the engine room, while the Australian crew contains 2008 Olympic Champ Duncan Free and Beijing Silver medalist in the M4-, Francis Hegerty at stroke. The event showcases the Gold Coast, and takes place over a winding course, with lead changes and an extremely close finish. Given the quality of the athletes in these two crews, I suppose it's no surprise.

And speaking of great athletes, Cédric Berrest of France (who took bronze at the 2011 world championships in Bled along with doubles partner Julien Bahain) has recently set a new national standard for 2000m on a stationary erg–full story and video link posted to


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