VOTWs: Around the Course in Bled, The GB M8+ Faffing About in Munich

This week's VOTW is a collection of shots from around the course in Bled, with footage of some of the crews, as well as some extra insight on the Canadian racing mentality from Will Crothers. It's put together in no particular order, though it does begin with some scenes from the opening ceremonies, which featured hundred of candles floating in egg shells around the finish line. The goal is to give everyone a look at what the venue here is like, as well as the atmosphere around the course, during racing, training and down time. I've also included a quick video that has gone viral in the UK (and has been featured on the well-known blogs HTBS and Rowing For Pleasure), showing the GB men's eight getting some extra training in at the airport on the way to Ljubljana. Thanks to Phelan Hill for sending it along (see below).

The regatta was run very efficiently, and the town of Bled has been extremely supportive of the rowing community. For me, it's been an incredible experience, and one that I'll continue to draw on time and time again in the future. For now though, it's finally time to relax a little -- speaking with Yaz Farooq this morning about the regatta, she said that it always feels like a marathon. It certainly does, as eight days of racing with finals spread across four of them give the journos plenty to cover. Speaking of, check out all the new video interviews with athletes and coaches from the course on the RowingNews.com Videos page.

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