Notes from Across the Pond: E.ON Hanse Canal Cup, and Sir Steve Celebrates

The Thames has been the 'centre' of attention of late, but more for what's been going on in the water than on it. David Walliams completed an amazing 140 swim down the Thames, and raising roughly £1 million for charity in the process. Sir Steve Redgrave was in attendance for the celebration along the banks of the river, and, unlucky for him, the boys from Imperial College Boat Club caught up with him during the festivities (see above). More on David Walliams' feat from The Guardian.

In other news, the 2011 E.ON Hanse Canal Cup took place over the weekend, and saw four international crews taking part in the 12.7k race in Rendsburg, Germany. Crews from the Dutch, Australian, German and USA rowing federations raced over the lengthy course on the Kiel Canal, with many of the same athletes from the recent World Rowing Championships taking part in the competition. The USA men's eight featured seven of the eight that placed eighth in Bled, with the one switch being Brett Newlin (who placed fourth in the M4- in Bled) in for Henrik Rummel. The Germans won the distance event, which was held on 11 September, in 35:43.36 with the USA M8+ finishing second some 45 seconds back of the reigning World Champions, with Australia and The Netherlands trailing. The distance event followed prior festivities, which included a team-based 500m erg challenge, and sprint-distance racing in eights.

For more information on the USA perspective, check out the article by Allison Frederick on the USRowing website, and click here for the official site of the E.ON Hanse Canal Cup.


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