100,000 and Counting: Thank You from Everyone at RowingRelated

Yesterday, RowingRelated reached another milestone: our pageview counter ticked over 100,000. When I first started this web site just under a year ago (RR's first anniversary is coming up on October 11) with a 'Statement of Purpose,' I hoped that it would be a forum for exploration and discussion, with a healthy dose of opinionated content thrown into the mix. Since then, it has grown into just that, and all of us here at RR can't thank you, the reader, enough, for helping it grow. Even if it is as simple as reading an article or two here and there, it has made a huge difference for us in our efforts to bring a new kind of analysis to the sport of rowing, and a milestone like this one seems a good place to express our gratitude.

We've got a host of new ideas and topics for discussion coming up this Fall, and look forward to sharing our opinions on a variety of subjects in the coming weeks and months. Now, as always, the goal is to generate discussion that will lead to the betterment of our sport, and the experience of our sport, for athletes and coaches alike, both within the US, and abroad.

-Bryan and the RR Team

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