Double-Feature VOTW: Men's and Women's Lightweight Doubles in Bled and Plovdiv

Okay, we know we've been on a tear recently with the Worlds videos, but it's time to give the lightweights some love. The GB 'dynamic duo' of Mark Hunter and Zac Purchase had an absolute cracker of a race against Peter Taylor and Storm Uru of New Zealand, making a move a just the right time to earn their margin, and holding onto it well through a blazing sprint from the Kiwis (as usual). "It was a fist fight at the end, and we came out on top," said Hunter (click here to view the Rowing News video interview).

The Greek LW2x of Alexandra Tsiavou (winner of the RoRy for Best Female Athlete in 2011 at the Elite level) and Christina Giazitzidou dominated in Bled, and it was no different at the European Championships two weeks later in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. The added benefit of the above video is that the lanes were redrawn, placing the Greeks nearest the camera and allowing the viewer to get a sense for both the power and precision that has placed them at the top of the World podium two of the last three years.

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