Video: The Sinkovic Brothers on Training Camp in Pisa, via Herows

Gold Brothers: The latest feature from 
The website (a growing resource for elite-level rowing videos) has recently released another feature (below), this one on Martin and Valent Sinkovic's training camp experience in Pisa, Italy. In addition to a host of on-the-water training footage, the video also includes an interview with the reigning world champions, who explain how they got into the double together, and what motivates them in their new boat class.

Not only is it beautiful to watch, there's much that can be learned from their careful approach to sculling technique. The athletes hint at the meticulous way their coach has been building their skills on the water, as well as share their thoughts on the most important aspects of the stroke. And, despite how precise their application looks in this video, they're operating under no pretense of perfection—there's always something new to work on, and something else to improve.

You can follow the Sinkovic brothers on Twitter and Instagram as they prepare for the beginning of the international racing season—World Rowing Cup I in Bled is just around the corner!


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