Eights Head Video and Coxswain Recording Thanks to Oxford Brookes' Harry Brightmore

The above video, published by OBUBC coxswain Harry Brightmore, offers an inside look at last weekend's Head of the River Race from the stern of Oxford Brookes II. Brightmore, who raced with the GB national team at U23 worlds last summer in the coxed four, and crew set up a nice rhythm out of an aggressive start, and that rhythm would eventually carry them to a fourth-place finish (just behind Oxford Brookes I) and a University pennant on the Tideway in less-than-ideal (read: standard) conditions.

The video is a great resource for coxswains, as Brightmore (@BrightmoreHarry) does a fine job of keeping his crew informed as to their position on the course, relative position to other crews, and time elapsed, while mixing in rhythm calls when necessary, and avoids falling into repetitive clichés over the course of the 4+ mile race.

Thanks very much to Paul on Twitter for the heads up on this video! For complete results from the Eights Head, please visit the official website of the Head of the River Race. And for more coxswain resources (including a guide to coxing a head race by Olympic bronze medalist and 2015 Eights Head champ Phelan Hill), check out our Coaching page.

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