Olympian Zac Purchase Live-Tweeted His Experience of Running the 2015 London Marathon

London, looking east from Waterloo Bridge (Photo: B. Kitch)
The London Marathon took place last Saturday, and there were more than a few rowers involved. The most notable result for an ex-GB oarsman was the very impressive 2:50 posted by James Cracknell, but a tip of the cap also goes to 2008 Olympic champion Zac Purchase, who raced as a member of U.K. SportsAid's team.

Not only did he race, but he brought his Twitter followers along with him. From strong beginnings, things were a little touch-and-go towards the end (see below). All kidding aside, hats off to Zac for the effort in support of a good cause.

Evidently, the recovery process is still ongoing...


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