Video Of The Week: Smooth Sculling with the Sinkovic Brothers

This week's video is a beautiful example of the kind of sculling technique that might just get you a sub-6 minute result, and a world championship title. At least, it worked for the Sinkovic brothers. This dynamic duo not only scored their first world gold medal in Amsterdam (as a double, that is—the brothers had won gold as part of the Croatian M4x last year, following a silver in London), but also did so ahead of a tightly packed field in a time of 6:00.52—only slightly off their own World Best Time in the event from the A/B semifinal (a 5:59.72) at the Bosbaan. While we're all getting our long and low strokes in this fall, it's important to think about consistency of technique and execution. The Sinkovic brothers stressed this idea in our VOTW last week, and here Martin and Valent are shown applying that theory to the fullest.

And there's more good news. The Sinkovici are coming to the Head Of The Charles this year, taking on several other very competitive crews in the Championship Double, including a new-look combo of Ondrej Synek and Olaf Tufte, as well as John and Peter Graves. With all of the big names heading to Boston this year for the 50th anniversary of the Charles (including multiple 'Great Eights' and men's and women's Championship Singles fields that read like world championship finals), it's sure to be every bit as epic as expected.

Note to readers: We ran across this video thanks to the Facebook page, "Centre of Applied Fluid Dynamic Leverage," which is a great place to go for technique-oriented rowing videos in its own right—check it out! Have a submission for 'Video Of The Week?' Shoot us an email at rowingrelated [at] gmail [dot] com, send us your suggestions via Twitter, or get in touch via our Facebook or Google+ pages.


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