Winter Erg(o) Music, Part Two: Will Daly's 6k Mix

You don't go to the Olympics without pulling a solid 6k, and Will Daly is no exception to that rule—in fact, he just recorded the fastest lightweight men's score at the OKC High Performance Center earlier this month, with a 19:45.7 at the Midwest Speed Order. Here are Will's thoughts on putting together the right playlist for a 6k race piece:
A 6k playlist has to be loud and full of energy. I like to start mine off with a song that is high energy, but not an anthem—something that is a little longer to really get you into the piece. In this case, I chose Teisto's "Love and Run." Then push the gas peddle down a little more with the Martin Garrix's new hit "Wizard." After that, we go into overdrive with "Stampede" by Dmitri Vegas &Like Mike vs DVBBS & Borgeous. SLVR and Antidote carry us through the real pain and grind. Finally, it's on to the sprint, and we have the huge anthem Tsunami to carry us home. I normally set up the playlist to tie in with the timing of my own piece, but I also make sure to put a little something extra on the end, in case someone is having a tough go of things.
So there you have it—whether you are focusing on putting in high-quality miles of steady state, or gearing up for your best 6k test yet, we've got you covered this winter. Thanks very much to Will for putting these playlists together, and happy hunting on the erg! The 2014 Crash-B Sprints are set for February 16th, 2014.


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