Video Of The Week: Behind the Scenes with Washington at the Head of the Lake

This week's video gives us a behind the scenes look at the University of Washington Huskies as they prepare for and race the Head of the Lake, which took place over the weekend in Seattle. The video, brought to you by freshman Kevin Shoop, kicks off with shots of the Huskies warming up in the Conibear Shellhouse, and follows their progress through the day. The Huskies have enjoyed a series of seasons at the top, and capped off an undefeated season in the varsity eight—including winning the Head Of The Charles, defeating the Cambridge Blue Boat in their Tideway Fixture, and winning their third-straight IRA title—as part of the Huskies' second-straight sweep of the IRA Regatta in June. This year, the Huskies may have an even greater task on their hands, with the 'other' Huskies on the rise at Northeastern, a very strong program at Brown, Harvard looking very quick on home water, California back in the mix for the medals at the varsity level after a fifth-place finish at the 2013 IRAs, and Princeton and Yale looking to build on solid results last season—and they'll have to tackle it without a heavy-hitter in Conlin McCabe, who graduated last season after anchoring (in a good way) the UW varsity eight in the six seat in 2013. That's not to say he has left the building, however:

Having started the season with a ninth-place finish at the Head Of The Charles (fifth place among collegiate crews), the Huskies ran the table in the eights in Seattle at the HOTL, their final race of the fall season. For complete results from Seattle, visit the official website of the Head of the Lake. Also, check out a nice gallery of photos from the HOTL thanks to Kevin Light here.

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