Rowing 2013-2014: A New Season Begins

It has been a quiet week here at RowingRelated as we gear up to take on our fourth season of rowing coverage, analysis, and banter—but not so around the junior, collegiate, and elite rowing ranks. The new season has begun already for many programs, and, thanks to the wonders of social media, we're right alongside the coaches and athletes on the water for autumn training sessions, and on land for early-season erg tests. Here are a few of our favorite shots from the early going at the intercollegiate level:

And it's not just stateside—university rowing is already starting up in the U.K. as well:

Beyond the university level, the haze of the post-worlds doldrums is already fading, as international-level athletes are back to training once again, at home and abroad:

That's not to say that the outstanding worlds in South Korea have been forgotten yet, by any stretch:

But a new season is already set to kick off in style at the 2013 Head Of The Charles Regatta, and we, like those along the Charles River, can't wait to get started:

23 days to go until the 49th Head Of The Charles! In the meantime, keep an eye out for a feature on Mike Nicholson, including his latest film on the 2013 World Rowing Masters Regatta, as well as an upcoming interview with our RoRy winner for Breakthrough Performance of the Year at the elite level, Seth Weil.


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