Video Of The Week: The World's Best Coach?

This week's video comes to us courtesy of FISA commentator and GB Olympian Martin Cross, who had a fantastic week in South Korea, posting daily blogs and video interviews throughout the world championships. This interview, however, may be one of the most important, checking in with Team GB head coach Jürgen Grobler—possibly the best rowing coach in the world right now. In typical fashion, Grobler's crews had a slight performance dip at Lucerne, but were extremely well-prepared for the main event. Team GB were one of four federations to take home a total of eight medals from the championships, and tied for the most gold medals (three) with Italy and Australia. Among those gold medals was (rather unbelievably) British Rowing's first-ever world championship title in the men's eight—a first for Grobler in that event as well.

More to come on this year's World Rowing Championships in our recap and review later this week.

In the meantime, however, and speaking of Jürgen Grobler... A Twitter account, with the handle @JurgenGrowler, is well worth a follow. Included below are just a couple examples of the gems thus far:

While exactly who is behind it remains a mystery, we can only imagine that even Grobler himself might get a chuckle or two out of it in his office in "Großbritannien."

You can read World Rowing's recap of the final day of this year's championships here, and watch the racing again here.

Also coming soon: The 2013 RoRys—who will take home the most prestigious awards in rowing at the junior, collegiate, and elite levels this year?


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