Video Of The Week: Yale Women Edge Harvard-Radcliffe in Boston

For the third straight week, our video focuses on the Charles River, but this time it's all about the visiting team. Yale entered as No. 12 to Harvard-Radcliffe's No. 7, but the Bulldog women's eight jumped out to an early lead that they refused to relinquish in tailwind conditions in Boston, with Northeastern trailing in third. The following day, Yale backed up their victory over the Black and White with a defeat of No. 9 Brown on the Housatonic—by nearly 10 seconds. It appears some reshuffling of the rankings is in order, as Will Porter's Yale squad is showing some familiar midseason speed and seems to be in great shape with the conference championships looming—but they weren't the only ones looking in top form.

More race video from the weekend:

The Harvard heavyweight men continued their undefeated ways, winning in dominant fashion over Navy and Penn. Meanwhile, on Carnegie Lake, the Crimson lightweight squad also scored a double-victory over Princeton and Yale to win the Goldthwait and Vogel Cups, and the Princeton open women defeated Dartmouth, Tennessee, and Penn on home waters.

Over at Mercer, John Graves and Elle Logan were making clear their intentions for the 2013 international racing season, winning the men's and women's open singles (video of the finals here). In the men's pair, it was the famous (infamous?) Henrik Rummel continuing to show that he's excited about rowing, winning the event with partner and UC Davis alumnus Seth Weil. A full recap of NSR I can be found on the official website of USRowing.


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