Video Of The Week: Not Just the 'Other' Huskies Anymore

Once again, the focus of our Video Of The Week is on Boston—this time for completely different reasons. The above video comes from roughly a year ago, shot during winter training for the Northeastern Huskies. But, as the video shows, the seeds of change were already planted.

While Washington was in Redwood Shores taking on the Stanford men on the West Coast, The 'Other' Huskies made a statement in the East this weekend. Coming off a major win over Boston University, the men from Northeastern traveled to Providence, where they took on the 2012 Sprints champs & 2012 IRA silver medalists from Brown, and returned to Boston with the Dreissigacker Cup for the first time since 2005. No small feat, and one that confirms once and for all that this program is on the rise—something we discussed with head coach John Pojednic immediately after IRAs last year.

The weekend was packed with rowing, and there were a number of plucky individuals out filming as much of the racing as possible, be it from a launch, from a bridge, or from the shore. Here is a sampling of the other videos posted from the weekend:

Radcliffe lightweight women versus Stanford, Princeton and BU on home water, thanks to Harvard Athletics
The men's varsity eight grand final at SIRAs via USRowing (You can watch the complete Sunday finals by 'rewinding'—when I was a kid we had VCRs—to the beginning of the video)
Clips from the Compton Cup (Harvard v. Princeton men) via row2k
The Stanford Invitational 2013 via Mike Modlin
Lake Natoma Invitational 2013 (varsity eight final) via the Lake Natoma Invite YouTube channel

If there are more videos you'd like to add, feel free to ship them our way via the comments or via our social media platforms.

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