Video Of The Week: Harvard on the Charles

It has been a very tough day in the U.S. The events at the Boston Marathon were shocking to the whole community, and were particularly sensitive for the running and rowing world stateside—so much of rowing's history in the United States is tied to the city of Boston, and so many rowers were involved in one way or another in the marathon today, as they have always been. While the awful events of the day are not to be forgotten, so too must the examples of heroism and camaraderie be remembered—all you need to do is take a closer look at the videos and images from today, and see the number of people running into the devastation, risking their own safety to help others.

So, today we're celebrating Boston. The above video, featuring the 2012 Harvard men's varsity eight, is not fancy. It has no soundtrack other than that of the wind whipping past the camera's microphone, and the occasional guidance of legendary coach Harry Parker. It is, quite simply, beautiful rowing on the Charles River—the closest thing to the Tideway that we have, in a gem of a city home to the 'Cradle of Liberty.'

Sicut Patribus, Sit Deus Nobis.


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