Friday Edition Video Of The Week: CRC's Original Take on Crew Classic

California Rowing Club's Bernhard Stomporowski has done it again—this recap of the CRC experience of Crew Classic has some nice camerawork, interviews with all of the crew members, and one of the most off-the-wall soundtracks you'll find accompanying any rowing video. (Frankly, we'll be happy to celebrate (almost) anything that includes the stellar vocals of the late, great Eduard Khil.) As in 2012, CRC dominated the men's open eight event in San Diego, though Cal's entry in the event proved stronger than in previous years, nearly hanging onto a bow-to-stern deficit, with the Little Knights rounding out the top three (also for the second straight year since winning the event in 2011).

With Crew Classic now behind us, it's time to shift our focus to what lies ahead—the coming weekend marks the Childs Cup ("the oldest trophy in collegiate athletics"), with the Columbia heavyweight men taking on Princeton and Penn on Overpeck Lake. Last year, Princeton won for the third straight time, in very bumpy conditions (see our VOTW from the 2012 race here). Also on the docket for the weekend is the Lubbers Cup in Spring Lake, Michigan, where the Grand Valley State Lakers will look to defend their 2012 title against the Wolverines in the men's varsity eight. In NCAA Rowing, Michigan will take on Ohio State and Indiana, while Cornell will host Radcliffe and Princeton in Ithaca for the Class of '75 Cup. For a full rundown of the racing in the U.S. this weekend, check out the row2k calendar.

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