Video of the Week: Kiwis Calm, Cool and Collected (and Funny) in London

There's no disputing that the Kiwi national rowing team is fast–in fact, Rowing New Zealand is the top squad in the world in terms of medals per capita. However, despite their clear dedication, intense training, and aggressive approach on the water, they also know how to relax, have fun, and keep from taking everything too seriously. The above video show just that, and was published just hours after Hamish Bond and Eric Murray destroyed the previous world best time in the men's pair by six seconds. Though the women's quad suffered a devastating setback in the final strokes of their repechage earlier today, snapping a blade after having comeback from sixth into third (and into qualifying position), the rest of the Kiwi team have posted solid performances, and looks on pace for another great year.

More updates to follow from London in the next RR Olympics Blog, and, in the meantime, take a look at the Sunday and Monday race reports posted to


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