Video: Training on the Olympic Course at Eton, with Silas Stafford and Tom Peszek

Much of the U.S. Olympic Rowing Team is now on the scene in London, and training on the Olympic course at Eton. Conditions have been a solid introduction to the course, with some wind, chop, clouds and rain–some of which is evident in the above video. Shot during a session on Dorney Lake, the video shows bow seat Tom Peszek's view of the course, and stroke (and RR interviewee) Silas Stafford, as the duo rows from the finish up to the start line, with a few drills along the way, and a brief glimpse of the U.S. women's eight in the starting queue.

Racing is now just over a week away, with the heats for the women's pair, women's quad, men's eight, men's double, men's lightweight four, men's quad, men's pair, and men's and women's single (in that order) set for Saturday, July 28th, 2012. For a complete schedule, please follow this link to, and check out more videos from Tom Peszek on his YouTube Channel.

Looking forward to heading to London to cover the Olympics for Rowing News magazine and–keep an eye out for updates throughout next week on both RR and RN, as the Games begin!


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