Top Places to Visit in London, with Pete Reed of the GB Men's Four

Trafalgar Square, London (Photo: B. Kitch)
Last week, we caught up with former Cambridge Blue and U.S. men's pair stroke, Silas Stafford, about his favorite London haunts, and, this week, we've asked defending Olympic champion Pete Reed of Team GB to share his thoughts on the matter. It looks like the Stafford and Reed agree in several cases! Here are Pete's thoughts on the top places to visit in London, in no particular order:

1) La Trompette, Devonshire Road in Chiswick, W4
I can only afford to go there once or twice a year, but I've never had a single course there which is anything less than perfect. This is my favourite restaurant by a considerable margin.

2) Trafalgar Square
With Lord Nelson's immortal monument [see photo above] commanding the whole West End and as a Royal Naval Officer, this is a place of personal significance to me as well as a beautiful square in the city's cultural epicentre.

3) Knightsbridge
From the world famous Natural History Museum to Harrods and then to Hyde Park all within a short walk, you will run out of hours before you've finished the day here. When the sun does set, I hope you have booked into the Royal Albert Hall on the south side of the park.

4) Westminster
(Not far from Trafalgar Square) Downing Street, The Military Buildings, Parliament, Big Ben, Westminster Bridge, the South Bank to the London Eye and the Tate Modern. Absorb some of our greatest history, architecture and diversity.

5) The Tower of London
With a walk across Tower Bridge, and back west on the south side to the Borough Market on Saturdays. London bustling, busy, friendly and historical.

6) My Home

I hope you enjoy our city,

-Pete Reed

Thanks very much to Pete for the information and input! Follow the links above for information on each of the places mentioned above, and for more from Pete Reed, please visit his website at


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