Evening Edition VOTW: World Rowing Junior Championships in Eton

This week's VOTW comes to us from National and International Rowing TV's YouTube Channel, and features a host of events from the 2011 World Rowing Junior Championships, including the gold medal performance from the US W4- of Chandler Lally (Radnor Girls Crew Club), Jessica Eiffert (Pittsford Crew),  Mia Croonquist (Vashon Island Juniors), and Lucy Grinalds (Connecticut Boat Club), coached by CBC Head Coach and IRN/RR interviewee Liz Trond. Also of interest at the regatta was the course itself, which is currently being tested for the upcoming Olympic Games in London next summer.

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Also, check out Bryan's coverage of Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday at the 2011 Royal Canadian Henley for The Independent Rowing News' website, and upcoming print issue. Video interviews with Rowing Canada Aviron President Dr. Michael Murphy, Olympic Champ Jason Read,  2010 US World Junior Champ Justin Jones, and Lucerne silver medalist in the Canadian W8+ Natalie Mastracci from the course in St. Catharines upcoming, as well as footage of the Dash Eight races, and the Men's Championship Eight on Sunday afternoon.


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